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Attention! Now you can download Guru Maharaja’s classes from the archive via the web interface or via the SFTP protocol.

If you would like to download through the web page, please follow the address:
In Username and Password fields enter gkgdisciple and click the Login button.

Here are all the information for downloading via the SFTP protocol: host –, prot 2002, protocol SFTP, username and password are the same as above.

PS: At the present moment there are only few lectures in the archive.  However, there will be regular updates, in the process of which we will be editing previous classes and uploading new ones. Full archive is available on Cloud.

Name Play Duration
Darshan, Veindavan, 17.11.2015
Gopal Krishna Goswami

43:31 min
Darshan, Vrindavan, 18.11.2015
Gopal Krishna Goswami

37:45 min
Darshan, Vrindavan, 24.11.2015
Gopal Krishna Goswami

33:52 min
Darshan, Vridnavan, 25.11.2015
Gopal Krishna Goswami

42:17 min