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Hare Krishna!
Dear god-brothers and god-sisters, please accept my obeisances.
All glories to Srila Prabhupada!
All glories to Guru Maharaja!

 In this most auspicious day of Askshaya Tritya let me offer you reconstructed web site of Guru Maharaja’s disciples. Finally, I was able to return the server back to the working condition after server’s disks had crashed.

 Please bless that our web site will have long life and will work smoothly to make happy all Guru Maharaja’s disciples.

 According to the best of my ability, I will be gradually restoring all the previous posts on the web site. If anyone of you would like to help with editing, translation or materials for the site please let me know.

 We will be publishing regularly news regarding Guru Maharaja’s travels in Russia. Therefore, if you want to stay informed either you can visit our site often or you can just subscribe to the newsletter.

 Also on the web site will be restored archive of photos and audio-recordings of our Guru Maharaja. This also will take some time.

Yours in service to Guru Maharaja,
Dravida Das